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Wake up and smell the coffee

By February 19, 2013 Uncategorized No Comments
Coffee is not just good for your taste-buds, there are certain plants which benefit from the stimulant too, but not because of the buzz it gives.
Acting as a mild fertiliser, a scattering of coffee every now and then can serve your plants well (just don’t over-do it).
The nitrogen, potassium and magnesium found in the beans help the plant produce healthy, green foliage. There are people who swear by its ability to repel pests too.
Next time you sit back and enjoy a cuppa, consider the many ways you can use coffee by-products to nourish your garden, while also reducing waste.
Here are some ideas:
  •           Sprinkle used grounds around plants before watering, and the nitrogen will slowly release.
  •           Add coffee grounds to compost piles, to increase nitrogen levels.
  •           Dilute the coffee with water, to use as a fertilizer.

But don’t get carried away! It turns out that plants can over-dose on caffeine too. If using diluted coffee as a fertiliser, once a week or so is a good guide to follow.
Be discerning about the type of plants you feed coffee to as well, since it lowers the ph level of soil. This means that plants which thrive in an acidic environment do best with this method. Roses, in particular, go crazy for used coffee grounds, which can be sprinkled on the soil every few months, and pressed in lightly.
And if you’re not a coffee addict yourself, with no used-grounds to spare, don’t despair. You can always seek out your local Starbucks – the franchise is usually happy to give away used coffee beans, for this purpose.

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