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Pot Size: 5L

Kiwifruits grow on a vigorous and long lived deciduous vine. Kiwifruit is a great tasting, highly nutritious fruit and works exceptionally well in fruit salads or eaten straight.

Kiwifruits require a separate, non-fruiting male plant needed to fertilize (and induce fruiting) of female plants. The male should be no further than 35 feet from females. Do not be surprised if it appears that female flowers have stamens, the male flower parts. The stamens are there, but the pollen they shed is sterile. Similarly, male flowers have small, nonfunctional ovaries.

One male plant will fertilize the flowers of 8 or so females. Both male and female plants don’t need to be the same species of Actinidia in order to cross-pollinate. Flowering times of male and female flowers must coincide through the season, however

Hand pollination is another practical way if you grow only a few plants in the yard. Merely pluck off a male blossom and lightly rub it on up to a half-dozen female flowers. Then simply go pluck another male, repeat the rubbing, and so forth.

If you live outside of Sydney, please enquire first before purchasing this plant. We only supply smaller plants (15cm pot size or smaller) outside of Sydney, but if the quantity purchase is large enough we can price you on the freight. Thank you for your understanding.

Position: Full sun to part shade
Height: Vine

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