Gardenia magnifica 20cm 200mm


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Pot Size: 20cm / (8″) / 200mm

The Magnifica is a medium to large evergreen shrub. A fantastic plant, loved by all for their deep green glossy foliage and their strongly fragrant white to ivory flowers. It has larger foliage and flowers compared to other gardenias (such as the popular Florida variety). Magnifica is ideal for small hedging, borders or as a feature plant. It flowers in summer and autumn. Plant them in a protected position against a wall in cooler areas as they are frost tender.

If you live outside of Sydney, please enquire first before purchasing this plant. We only supply smaller plants (15cm pot size or smaller) outside of Sydney, but if the quantity purchase is large enough we can price you on the freight. Thank you for your understanding.

Position: Full sun to part shade
Height: 1.5m
Width: 1m
Type: Hedge

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