Clivia orange 20cm 200mm

CLIVIA MINIATA 20cm / 200mm

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Pot Size: 20cm / (8″) / 200mm

One of the most beautiful flowering plants in the world, the Clivia Miniata (or Bush Lily) averages a height of 40cm in a pot container and can be expected to grow as tall as 50cm when grown in the ground. It flowers with a beautiful Orange, Yellow or Red colour while producing a faint and very sweet perfume fragrance.

The Clivia sold above is the Orange flowering variety. Soil is best when well drained and the Clivia must be grown away from frost (they are quite frost tender and prefer shadier areas) as they are natively found in areas under trees and shrubs.

Taking Good Care of your Clivias:

  1. It is best to fertilise your Clivias from early Spring to mid Summer to achieve the best quality and maximum growth!
  2. You must use a slow release fertiliser (for example Osmocote). Be sure to use generous amounts.
  3. Make sure that you are pruning old stems and leaves that start to wilter. This encourages new stems to take form and flourish. As they are sun sensitive, this is a natural thing for them to get burnt slightly depending on the spots you grow them in.

Position: Partial to full shade
Height: 50cm
Width: 50cm

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