Herbs Chives 10cm 100mm

CHIVES HERB 10cm / 100mm


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Pot Size: 10cm / (4″) / 100mm

The chive is an herbaceous perennial plant. When harvesting, the needed number of stalks should be cut to the base. During the growing season, the plant will continually re-grow leaves, allowing for a continuous harvest. Chives are one of the “fines herbes” of French cuisine, which also include tarragon, chervil and/or parsley. Chives are also rich in vitamins A and C, contain trace amounts of sulfur, and are rich in calcium and iron.

FACT: Although repulsive to insects in general, due to its sulfur compounds, its flowers are attractive to bees, and it is sometimes kept to increase desired insect life

Position: Shade to part shade
Height: 30 to 50cm
Width: 30cm

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