Blueberry Burst 140mm 14cm 6"

BLUEBERRY BURST 14cm / 140mm


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Pot Size: 14cm / 6″ / 140mm

The Blueberry Burst is an Australian bred naturally dwarf blueberry variety. It has been especially bred to grow in pots so you can grow it even if you don’t own a garden. Like all fruiting plants it grows best in full sun. The Bluberry Burst is characterised by its extremely large fruit size, high yielding, early season flowering and early season harvest which makes it unique.

Blueberries also offer a wide variety of health benefits. They contain a strong source of Antioxidants. They are a great snack on their own, they also provide a great addition to fruit salads, smoothies and cakes!

Position: Full sun to part shade
Height: 150cm
Width: 150cm

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