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Money DOES Grow on Trees

By December 18, 2010 Uncategorized No Comments

A wise person once said that money doesn’t grow on trees. Well, not literally, otherwise environmentalists wouldn’t be the only people fighting so hard to save them all! This shouldn’t discount the value that plants and trees have as an investment item for your property or business.

From bamboo, flowers, ginseng, ground covers, herbs to landscaping trees and shrubs, a small price is paid to obtain these seemingly small items but it won’t take long for it to grow in to something grand and impressive. Nurturing your plants and trees will increase the value of your property by thousands of dollars. Most people underestimate the importance of plants and trees, despite the proven profit that can be gained by investing in them and caring for them properly.

A typical example would be if you purchased an average $10 plant in a 200mm pot, after 10 years this plant would be worth over $200! * The profit (1000%) seen over a period of 10 years exceeds even the stock market for gains. Not to mention the added value to your home by an improved landscape. Multiply this figure over a large quantity of plants (required for most gardens) and you have a gold mine waiting to grow!

Natures Colours can get you started by introducing you to some of our best products in store. For more advice, give us a call or send us an email.

So what are you waiting for? Secure your future interests and plant a feature tree today!

* This figure is based on optimal growing conditions and when grown in the ground. If the plant is left in the same sized pot it will restrict growth. Also regular fertilising helps keep the plant growing strong and healthy!

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